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Blue French Bulldogs Are Lovable & Rare

Blue Tri French Bulldogs are one of the most if not the most rare color pattern in the Frenchie World at this time. The Blue and Tan marking in these French Bulldogs are quite impressive.. Usually right above the eyes (eye brows), in the iner parts of the front and rear legs, on the cheeks and on each side of the chest. These are the most common placement of the tan points in the Tri Colored French Bulldog, but they vary.

The Blue French Bulldog actually comes in four varieties. The Blue Brindle, Chumlee is Blue Brindle, the Blue Pied the Blue Fawn and the Blue/Tan Tri. Blue/Tan is the rarest of all. The Blue French bulldog breed has a “grey” blue tint on a solid blue-grey coat. The Blue has the dilution of the ‘dd’ gene. 

The French bulldog is not simply a miniature bulldog. The most notable characteristic is the "bat" ear, which occurs naturally and is never cropped or altered. Also unique to the breed is the skull, which is flat between the ears. The French bulldog is a compact, muscular dog with a flat, short coat. Colors common to the breed include fawn, white and varieties of brindle. The male and female dog weight is 25-27 lbs.

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Male Blue French Bulldogs

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Keeping your French Bulldog Fit

French bulldogs do not require exercising a lot to stay fit. A walk every day is just enough for a blue French bulldog to be happy and healthy for long time. They really love to play with other Frenchies as well as people. While on the walk, they usually stick to the feet of their owners closely. It is very rare that they leave their owners side at any time. This makes it very easy to keep track of them. 

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Playful Little Frenchies

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Keep Your Blue French Bulldog Warm!

Beds & SNuggle Bugs

Of Course You Know, Blue Frenchies Start Small

Don't step on your Frenchie! We know we are all careful, but these little guys cans be very tiny, which is what adds to their cute factor! We suggest to have some type of steps in order for your best friend to reach new elevations independently. This allows your favorite french bulldog to always have the ability to run up for some cuddle time with you on the sofa. The bed is another place it would be smart to place the steps if your frenchie spends a lot of time in the bed with you!

Blue French Bulldog Steps

Grooming your dog

Grooming your Blue Frenchie

Care For Your Frenchie

Things to know when purchasing your first blue french bulldog

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Learn Everything About Your New Best Friend

There is a lot of information out there about French Bulldogs to keep you informed before you take a pick of the litter home to cuddle and love, and for if you already have a Frenchie and just need to brush up on some new dog knowledge. Below is a video by Animal Planet that gives some great 101 info about Frenchies!

French Bulldog 101 | By Dogs 101 On Youtube

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We source the US and Abroad to find the cutest items for frenchies. We have custom T-shirts and jewelry swag for the proud French Bulldog lovers! We will also try to be a resource of information for the care needed for your precious best friend. Their rarity makes them one of the most lovable pets to have! Enjoy your lifetime with your new best friend and always check back on our website for updates and new products specifically for your frenchie.  

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