5 Things Every French Bulldog Owner Should Know (Video By Documentary TV)


1. The french bulldog has been selectively bred to retain certain mutations of Dwarfism. The result is a breed susceptible to intervertebral disk disease, osteochondritis dissecans, hip dysplasia , vertebral malformations, disk herniation, spina bifida, and reproductive problems. To best avoid these conditions, it is important to keep you Frenchie at optimal weight. Do not overfeed your French Bulldog! 



2. French bulldogs love children and children generally lover Frenchies. The French bulldog is a born entertainer and can occupy a child’s attention for long stretches of time. The breed is small but not so fragile, however like with any breed of dog, never leave a child and a dog unsupervised. Harm could be inflicted by either party. 


3. French Bulldogs are great for apartments and small  homes. The breed does not require a lot of exercise. They are  relatively low energy dog, although you may find an exception from time to time. Because the breed is not likely to burn a lot of energy it is important to regulate their weight by feeding them a high quality, calorie appropriate diet.


4. The French bulldog has a single short coat. This means the breed is not suited for cold weather. If you do live in a cold climate, be sure to provide your French Bulldog with extra covering. This is fairly easy as it seems there are a ton of doggie boutiques, selling practical and stylish clothes for your dog. 


5. Because of a legacy extreme and often times poor breeding practices the French Bulldog has more than their share of health issues. One of the more apparent and deadly is their short muzzle, which affects the dog’s breathing and ability to regulate body temperature. For this reason you want to make sure you Frenchie doesn’t over exert himself in hot and/or humid weather.