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5 Things Every French Bulldog Owner Should Know (Video By Documentary TV)

  1. The french bulldog has been selectively bred to retain certain mutations of Dwarfism. The result is a breed susceptible to intervertebral disk disease, osteochondritis dissecans, hip dysplasia , vertebral malformations, disk herniation, spina bifida, and reproductive problems. To best avoid these conditions, it is important to keep you Frenchie at optimal weight. Do not overfeed your French Bulldog!      2. French bulldogs love children and children generally lover Frenchies. The French bulldog is a born entertainer and can occupy a child’s attention for long stretches of time. The breed is small but not so fragile, however like with any breed of dog, never leave a child and a dog unsupervised. Harm could be inflicted by either party. ...

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Blue French Bulldog Puppies Are the Cutest Pups Ever

The Blue French Bulldog is a single of the swiftest developing puppy breeds in America and abroad. The breed itself is the already well-liked and increasing in popularity, The French Bulldog. This breed actually originated from England as they ended up selectively bred from the English Bulldog to be a much more compact and toy-like breed. They have been selectively bred to be much more compact than their tank-like cousins, The English Bulldog. Afterwards the breed was introduced again to France and their new names stuck. These adorable, cuddly, smashed confront bullies are to die for. The offer the toughness of a mini bulldog and the persona of a clownish sofa potato. Blue Frenchie Bulldogs are no different apart from...

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Blue french bulldog puppies for sale and what to know

Where do you look? Online, local, or other? What are some of the best things to look for? Well, there are many options for finding blue french bulldog puppies. Some vetting will be needed to make sure you get both a healthy blue frenchie and a fair price. You never want to pay too low of course for anything, as we all know, you get what you paid for.  Google is one of the better places to look at for your new french bulldog. Finding breeders that specialize in healthy blue french bulldogs can be a chore since they are rare. But it is not too hard to find what you need online. Craigslist is probably not the best place,...

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